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Noval Ceilings & walls lights

Manufacturer and wholesaler of Led Lights and Solar systems.

Welcome to the world full of shapes and colours, where visions are made reality!
A decorative noval® ceiling with a world of creative possibilities.
Imagine your interior coming alive at night with ceilings and walls.
Latest technology,  Today’s most sensible choice Ideal for new and old buildings.
Whether residential or a business Noval® ceilings are a perfect match for you.

What is the Noval® art of ceilings and walls
Noval® ceilings are the calendared special Poly Vinyl Chloride membrane fixed with profiles and heating to maintain a perfect flat or curved shape as per designs.
This can be used as ceilings wall coverings, floating panels, light boxes & creative 3D structures.
Noval® Ceilings are the perfect choice for Residential spaces as Bed rooms, Living room, Kitchen, Bath rooms, Corridor, Home office, Home cinema and indoor swimming pool.

Noval® - the company
Noval ceilings is the latest endeavour of Singh Sons India established in 1982.our expertise in interior lighting has now been extended to the Noval® Art of ceilings & walls launched in India by Singh Sons India with technology from HDR Noval inc.USA.
Noval® ceilings are cost effective and do not cost more than traditional ceilings.
(The cost of POP( life 5-6 years)+ Paint (life 2-3 years) +Wall Paper (life 5-6 tears) etc.  for a period  of 10 years is 500/- to 700/- sq ft.)

Noval®  Ceilings are ;Hygienic,  AC efficiency increases up to 50%, Water proof, Maintenance free, Washable, Dust free, Non-Flammable, Resistance to Humidity, prevent the development of bacteria and moulds,  , No fungal stains,  Perfect finish , No peels, No cracks, Long lasting with 10 years warranty, High Translucent rate, Best in any temperature, Weight less, fastest way to decorate rooms, 100% Airtight, Block up to 70% of external noise, Hides unsightly fittings, Cost not more than traditional ceiling prices.

Noval® ceilings are undergoes stage-wise quality checks to ensure zero defects before despatch. We offer a manufacturer’s warranty against all defects in workmanship for a period of 10 years. Our dedicated after-sales service further ensures that you enjoy yours creativity to its maximum potential.

What are the benefits of a noval® ceilings products?
•    It creates a beautiful smooth ceiling surface that can elegantly accent any décor
•    It’s the fastest way to decorate any room without preliminary preparation of the ceiling or wall surfaces
•    It can bring to life almost any design idea, including a multilevel ceilings or dome shaped installations
•    It comes in a variety of colors, textures and finishes, and can printed images applied to it
•    Its colors do not fade over life time
•    It does not peel, flake, stain, crack, or develop algae.
•    It’s 100% fire proof, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic and does not create any dust
•    It holds up to 100L of water on a 1 square meter surface, in case leakage from above occurs
•    It can be used to improve the acoustics of a room and block up to 70% of external noiseIt neatly hides unsightly electrical wires, water pipes, alarm fittings, etc.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Beautiful ceilings and walls in your own choice of designs.
Wonderful Ceiling Designs for Kids Room as it brings down the temperature, noise level and maintains the acoustic comfort......
Choice of more than a 120 colours with 10 different finishes. Printed Ceilings & Walls to create a completely personalized decor. Several grades to create distinct luminous atmospheres. Bio-Proof  used in Hospitals, Medical, Laboratory & Pharmaceutical industry. Acoustics for Cinemas etc. solid or perforated with acoustic materials behind. Increase the efficiency up to 50% of your air conditioner.
A perfect match to wet environments 100% water proof.

Air Conditioned Ceilings  

This new principle of air conditioning distribution can bring a room temperature to a comfortable temperature faster.
The diffusion of warm or cold air and ensures a perfect distribution of the airflows.
 The principle is simple, the result is spectacular!
In Homes and offices, the battle of the thermostat is over: each workstation has a calm and stable climate. Enjoy a pleasant coolness day and night.
Noval® ceilings works marvelously in Residential and commercial places.

Translucent Backlit Ceilings with lighting effects.
The Noval® translucent range of stretch ceilings allow for perfect light diffusion, the membrane allows upto85% of the light to come through the membrane as a diffused light.  With use of Led lights stunning effects can be achieved.  Noval®  Translucent Ceilings to transmit light makes it possible to create remarkable atmospheres, either by using natural daylight, as in the case of a sky dome for example, or by using other light sources whose effects can be controlled .

Get a day light effects with  translucent and make the room appear to be Sunlit Day light.

 Printed Ceilings & Walls to create a completely personalized decor
Noval® printed ceilings you can print life size pictures, paintings and sceneries etc.

Indoor Swimming pool ceilings
Noval® Ceilings are widely used at indoor swimming pools due to their superior resistance towards stains, bacterial or fungal growth from moisture.

Hi-Gloss reflective ceilings

Noval® the hi-gloss Ceilings reflects the floor and walls as a polished mirror look.

Acoustic perforated Ceilings
Noval® acoustic Ceilings reduce sound reverberations through specially designed perforations in membrane, making them suitable for recording studios, lecture halls, theatres, cinema halls etc.

Noval® Bio proof Ceilings acts continuously to prevent the development of bacteria and moulds on both surfaces. Compliant with the health regulations in force, it is the perfect solution for hospitals, medical laboratories, the pharmaceutical and agri-food industries, clean rooms, catering services, swimming pools...are anti bacterial and anti- fungal properties Bio-Proof ceilings their hygienic bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties. Its performances have been confirmed by the PASTEUR Institute.

Noval®  Ceilings are available in;

 noval® ceilings are ideal for a wide variety of applications for all rooms within the home,  swimming pool indoor, shops, showrooms, offices, clinics, beauty parlor, stores , super market, malls, hospital, hotels, restaurants, banquet halls,  food preparation areas and medical establishments, gurudwaras and temples, meeting room, museums, clubs, stadium , schools, recording studios, lecture halls, auditorium, library, theatres, cinemas,  software parks,  airports, metro stations, curtains, events & exhibitions etc.
 We can make any shapes and can print any picture on the Noval® Ceilings.

Ceiling Specifications;
Material: Noval® ceilings sheets are made of calendared heated special Poly Vinyl Chloride membrane and aluminium profiles.
Ceiling Thikness;0.17mm.
Size: 1.5m~5m width, 90-150m length , 0.18mm thickness / roll
Self Net weight : 0.24kg/square meter
Afford weight : 195kg/square meter
Translucent rate: 75%(translucent film), 25-30%(lacquer film), 35-40%(matte film), 10-25%(suede film)
Light Reflection; High Gloss ceilings 80%, Matt ceilings 10%.
Resistance to Humidity; Relative Humidity < 65%: 0.30GR/HM2mm and Relative Humidity > 65%: 0.45GR/HM2mm
Working temperature: -30℃~65℃
Thermal Properties: Diamential stability: -5Digree to +55Digree C
Fire-resistant Grade: B1/B2in accordance to Din 4102-1. (Standard GB8624-1997)
Hazardous Substances: No
Acoustic rate: Standard GBJ88-1985
Broken Tensile: 262%
Recycling Properties: 1000sq.mrt.of sheet weights 180 kgs in a volume of 0.1cu.m.
Guarantee: Min 10 years
Delivery time: 30 days
Note; the value listed are typical values and are not to be adopted into any specifications. They serve as the basic information and are provided without any grantee. As such they do not establish a warranty in any form.