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LEDs in India

LEDs are slowly finding their way into the Indian market in the form traffic signal lightning, LED display panels and other applications. Compared to the large potential market, the current market players have yet to take advantage of the opportunity. There therefore exists significant scope for professional and competent firms to succeed in the market.

The LED lighting market generally comprises Indian and Chinese manufacturers. THRIVE 's competition is generally from traders who import (usually from China) cheaper but sub standard products (not specifically designed for the user), and market them through their own retail outlets. These products are more focused on their aesthetic appearance as they tend to be used as emergency lights in urban areas or as camping lights used for a few hours on an irregular basis than functional use on a regular basis.

There are a handful of competitors who have produced high quality products. However these products carry high prices and even at those prices the competitors product does not have the performance level, or range of features that NOVAL lights have.