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Noval Home Lighting System

NOVAL Solar Home Lighting System
  1. Solar Street Light
  2. Home Lightening System
  3. Solar Lantern
  4. Solar Water Pumps
  5. Solar Power Pack
  6. Solar Charge Controller
  7. Solar Module
  8. Solar Inverter
  9. Solar Water Heater
  10. Solar Lights
  11. Solar Power Products
  12. Solar Education Kit

For Removing the Darkness and Improving the Livelihoods

The Indoor lighting luminaries are available in different  wattages and models. All adequate protections are provided in the luminary for safety, reliability and long life. These lights are ideally suited for lighting applications powered from renewable energy sources like solar, wind etc. These are widely used in Solar Home systems

We have a  a wide range of solar home lighting systems  as per your requirements,that is fitted with solar sensitive cells, fan and lights. These systems are widely used for illumination purposes in LED Tube Lights and Fans etc. that are used in offices, homes, institutions, villages and many other places. Safe to use and highly reliable,

Solar home lighting system is used for interior illumination during the night or in case of power failure. We manufacture solar home lighting systems and supply to our customers as per their requirements. We install the most powerful battery that has a high storage capacity and low energy loss. It performs for a longer period of time and requires low maintenance cost. It is easy to install and our engineers can do it in the best possible way.

NOVAL Solar home lighting system essentially consists of the Solar Panel, suitable module mounting structure, battery, battery box, charge-controller, luminaries, inter-connecting cables and switches etc. The Indoor lighting systems come with a 12V DC table fan, mobile charger and Portable TV as option. The lighting system is designed to operate 5-6 hours a day

These LED Lamps give higher brightness at very low power consumption and as a result LED based Solar LED home light system requires very small solar panels and batteries compared to the conventional systems. The LED's used in the luminary has a life of more than 50,000 hrs which avoids the costly lamp replacements for several years. Solar LED home lighting system harnesses the power of the Sun to provide reliable, cost effective electricity wherever it is needed.

 Key Features

  • Easy to Install (Plug and Use models, no help required)
  • Very high efficiency electronic circuit
  • Low self–discharge, highly reliable, Maintenance free Sealed Lead Acid battery.
  • Protected from overcharging and deep discharge of battery.
  • LED indication for battery charging and battery low.
  • Very low no–load current. (Option to Turn Off)
  • High reliability and durability.
  • 7 to 8 hours uninterrupted light one single charge of 10 hrs
  • Excellent for remote villages as well as semi-urban areas.
  • Protection: Reverse flow, over voltage, under voltage, reverse polarity, short circuit.
  • No power required. Operate only on solar
  • MNRE Approved

    The benefits

    ·         A long term cost-effective alternative to conventional source of electricity.

    PV systems do not generate any greenhouse gases - and are therefore eco-friendly.
NOVAL Solar Home Lighting System


  • Banks
  • Clinics
  • Construction Sites
  • Farmhouses
  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Stores.

FAQ of Solar Home Lighting System

Q: Where can we use Solar lighting system?

Solar lighting system can be used anywhere where we need lighting. It is a source of clean energy and can be used at home, offices, hotels, hospitals, rural areas, remote villages etc.

Q: How much light does a solar lamp provide?

A: In solar Home lighting system lamps used are LED. It consumes 70 - 80 % less energy than ordinary incandescent bulbs. The light output of 5, 7, 9, & 11 watts CFL's can be compared to 25, 40, 60 & 75 watts ordinary bulb respectively

Q: What is the lighting life of a solar lamp/LED during each day?

A: 7-8 hours a day

Q: What happens to the productivity of the system during rainy season?

A:Solar lighting system generate electricity in cloudy weather although their output is reduced. Solar PV needs only sunlight not the heat of the sun, therefore the system even can work in rainy season i.e. in diffused light conditions. Hence, in our area, solar lighting system works almost throughout the year.

Q: How the solar lighting system work?

A:When sunrays falls on solar cell inside the solar module electricity is generated. This electricity is stored in the battery. This battery delivers electricity to the lamps (CFL) whenever required. The charge controller regulates total operation of the system.

Q: What is the expected life of using components in solar lighting system?

Yes, But these appliances consume more power due to their high wattage. So the solar modules, batteries etc. required will be of much higher rating.

Q: Can we operate television, refrigerator, fan etc. on solar lighting system?

A: Yes, But these appliances consume more power due to their high wattage. So the solar modules, batteries etc. required will be of much higher rating.

Q: What is the maintenance required for solar lighting system?

A: Though we supply maintenance free battery, regular cleaning/ dusting of the module is a must as per the instructions given by the installer at the time of installation.

Q: What are the advantages of solar lighting system?

A: There are various advantages of solar photovoltaic technology;
»There is no need to depend on conventional electric supply or other fuel like Kerosene, Gas etc. So you can fully rely on solar lighting system to deliver light for specified hours throughout the year.
»As the electricity is generated by using sunlight, which is freely available anywhere. So the electricity can be generated at any remote place, where regular electricity cannot reach.
»Solar lighting system works on low voltage 12 VDC, so it is much safer compare to 230V Ac supply voltage.
»Solar electricity saves the conventional fuels & reduces the environmental pollution.
»Very easy to install & operate.

Q: Why solar lighting system are expensive?

A: The main costly component in solar lighting system is solar module. The manufacturing process of silicon cell used, in solar module is very complicated & costly. Hence, the overall cost of solar lighting system is on higher side.

Q: Is it inverter/ UPS system?

A: No, solar Home lighting systems are not inverter/ UPS systems because of two reasons Firstly we generate our own electricity & use this energy daily, & not only during power emergency. Secondly the electricity generated is free of cost, while running of inverter or UPS comes at a cost, since they need to be charged with electric power to function optimally during emergency
Protections :
Reverse polarity of battery connections.
Battery Over charge.
Battery Deep discharge.
Load open circuit.
Output short circuit etc.

LED Indications:
Battery charging.
Battery deep discharge

 NOVAL Solar Lighting Systems Details and Prices

Model  No.

Led Light

12V DC




Mobile Charger

Power Backup








8AH 12V



5-6 Hours







16AH 12V



6-7 Hours





1 Fan


40AH 12V



7-8 Hours





1 Fan


65AH 12V



8-9 Hours





2 Fan


80AH 12V



9-10 Hours