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Noval Solar Power Products

  1. Solar Street Light
  2. Home Lightening System
  3. Solar Lantern
  4. Solar Water Pumps
  5. Solar Power Pack
  6. Solar Charge Controller
  7. Solar Module
  8. Solar Inverter
  9. Solar Water Heater
  10. Solar Lights
  11. Solar Power Products
  12. Solar Education Kit

Noval Led Lights and Solar World manufactures and supply reliable and quality solar power products to various sectors like education, banking to healthcare and telecommunication. The company offer various solar solar powered systens which includes Solar Dusk to Dawn Controller, Solar Cookers, Solar Lighting Systems and other Solar Power Products. All the products are based on the proven solar technology, which is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

Noval Solar Dusk to Dawn Controller

Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Dusk Dawn System is an energy saving device used for automatic switching of street lights making proper use of grid power and increasing the life of the lamps by operating the street lights from sunset to sunrise. The system is highly reliable and efficient for years of continuous flawless operation. A system can support BS many as 500 lamps depending upon the lamp characteristic. The operation is based on sensing the ambient light level which actuates the electronic controller to switch ON the street lights in the evening and switch them OFF in the morning. The sensor is hermetically sealed weatherproof and maintenance free, thereby ensuring reliability even in adverse atmospheric conditions.

The system has the inherent ad vantage of automatic setting of switching timings irrespective of whether it is winter or summer thus making it a totally unmanned operation. Once set for a particular light level, it remains unchanged through out the year.

Key Features :

•    Automatic switching through unmanned operation.
•    Optimal use of grid power.
•    Energy saving estimated upto 20%.
•    Highly efficient, reliable and economical.
•    Relief from seasonal setting required in mechanical timers
•    Solid-state electronic controller, free from mechanical wear & tear.
•    Hermetically sealed weather proof and maintenance free largearea sensor.
•    Protection against faults like line to line, line to neutral & line to earth.
•    Manual by-pass in case of system failure.
•    On-line service facility.

Noval Solar Dusk to Dawn Controller
Block Diagram


1 Housing Kiosktype weatherproof metal enclosure.
2 Sensor Hermetically sealed Solar Photovoltaic Module.
3 Electronic Controller Solid-state controller for automatic switching.
4 Protection & Safety Against faults like line to line, line to neutral and line to earth.
5 Electrical Switchgear As per rated capacity.
6 Special Features i) Manual by-pass in case of exigency ii) Pole mounting facility
7 Rated Capacity MODEL 1-100 A/Ph. MODEL 2-60 A/Ph. MODEL 3-30 A/Ph.

Utilization Characteristics

Type of Lamp Lamp Wattage

Maximum No. of Lamps the system can support

Model-1 (100 Amp) Model-2 (60 Amp) Model-3 (30 Amp)
Fluorescent Tubes 40 660 450 145
Low Pressure Sodium Lamps 90 210 140 60
High Pressure Sodium Lamps 150 145 100 40

Noval Solar Cooker

•    Power source                        220/110 volts, but can withstand mild voltage variations, 40 to 60 cycles.
•    Electrical Wattage Low        125-W, Normal: 300 W.+-10% at 220 V Thermostatically controlled

Box type Solar Cookers Features

A Box Solar Cooker is basically an insulated box with a glass cover and a top lid which has a mirror on the inside to reflect sunlight into the box when the lid is kept open. The inner part of the box is painted black. Up to four black painted vessels are placed inside the box with the food to be cooked. The cooker takes 1 ½ to 2 hours to cook items such as rice, lentils and vegetables. The cooker has also been used to prepare simple cakes, roast cashew nuts, dry grapes, etc. It is an ideal device for domestic cooking during most of the years except the monsoon season and cloudy days. It however cannot be used for frying or chapati making.

Key Features :


•    Solar Cooking involves no recurring expenses on fuel. Solar energy is absolutely free.
•    Cost of the solar cooker can be recovered easily through saving on fuel bill in a few years.
•    A box solar cooker if used regularly can save 3 to 4 LPG cylinders per year.
•    It saves time. You are free to do other things while food cooks in the solar cooker.
•    There is no fear of scorching the food.
•    It ensures a better and more nutritious cooked food because of its slow cooking design.
•    It is durable and simple to operate.
•    It does not pollute the environment and conserves conventional energy.
•    It is an asset to the household and a pride to its owner.
Noval Solar Cooker

Parabolic Dish Solar Cooker
It is a concentrating type parabolic dish solar cooker useful for homes & small establishments. A typical dish solar cooker has an aperture diameter of 1.4 meter and focal length 0.28 meter. The reflecting material used for fabrication of this cooker is anodized aluminum Sheet, which has a reflectivity of over 80%. The tracking of the cooker is manual and thus has to be adjusted in 15 to 20 minutes during cooking Time. It has a delivering power of about 0.6 KW which can boil 2 to 3 liters of water in half an hour. The temperature achieved at the bottom of the vessel could be around 350 to 400o C which is sufficient for roasting, frying and boiling. The cooker having a thermal efficiency of around 50% can meet the needs of around 15 people and can be used from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset on clear days. It can be easily dismantled and assembled by anybody and thus may be nicely packed and transported anywhere in the country. The cooker is user friendly as the place of vessel to be kept for cooking is at a level which is convenient for the people to use.

Fuel Savings:
The cooker can save up to 10 LPG cylinders/year on full use at small establishments. The cookers with imported reflectors having a reflectivity of over 90% will have a higher cost. This should include the cost of accessories like pressure cooker, cap, hand gloves & goggles, cooker manual, packing etc.

Around 20 years for metallic structure. Reflecting sheets may however, have to be replaced once in 5 years due to degradation in reflectivity.

Pay back:
1 ½ to 3 years depending on the extent of use & the place of utilization (for commercial establishments and large families the pay back period is less).
Solar Cooked food preserves most of the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Vitamins and minerals increase the nutrition value while antioxidants protects from cancer. Boiling and steaming type food diet protects from most of the diseases as compared to frying, grilling and micro waving. Burning any fuel like cooking gas, kerosene, wood etc. releases gases like carbon-dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. Intake of these gases for long duration is a cause of major respiratory diseases in housewives. Continuous inhaling of higher carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide promotes cancer. Solar cooked food is easily digestible. It gradually relieves stomach disorder, constipation, gastric trouble and acidity. Solar Cooking improves the taste of the food to a very large extent.

Why Solar Food? For ENVIRONMENT:
Solar cooking does not burn any fuel and is one of the most eco-friendly options. All other fuels like wood, cooking gas etc. generate Carbon dioxide, Carbon monoxide and Nitrous oxide which are severely responsible for pollution. CO2 is a major green house gas responsible for global warming leading to natural disasters like Tsunami, Cyclone, Volcanic eruption etc. In rural areas saving firewood means saving trees. One family consumes 3 trees in the form of firewood in a year. If solar cookers are used then trees per solar cooker per year can be saved. Solar cooking can help in preserving the fast diminishing forests.

Why Solar Food? For SAVINGS:
One can save up to one cooking gas per month by proper utilization of solar cooker and then recover the cost within a year. Even moderate users recover the cost of the solar cooker within 2 years. With current rise in LPG cost and subsequent rise every month the saving potential is enormous.

Why Solar Food? For the NATION:
India imports more than 75% of the oil, it consumes. With crude oil prices in the world rocketing past $ 54 per barrel, solar cooking will help save in kerosene & cooking gas and intern save foreign exchange. One estimate suggests that even if five percent of India’s population opts for solar cooking then foreign exchange worth more than Rs. 250 Crores per year can be saved. Solar cooking preserves forests by saving firewood. This is must for national development. Adoption of solar cooking technologies will generate many employment opportunities. In rural families mostly the responsibility of collection of firewood rests with children and is one of the reasons for school drop outs. Use of solar cooking can save these children from exploitations and bring them back to school, which they deserve. With Kyoto Protocol coming in force and proposed mechanisms like CDM (Clean Development Mechanism), chances of fetching huge foreign investments and grants are excellent. Promoting solar cooking in a big way can increase India’s energy security. To cope with the speed of modern life there are many versions of solar cookers now available in India, to suit the requirement of every family. In addition to old box design of solar cookers (ovens) there are new breed of parabolic domestic and community cookers. India has to its credit the world’s largest solar cooking system at Tirupati cooking 30,000 meals per day. Generating awareness about these different solar cooking alternatives can generate excellent market for the new entrepreneurs in the field.

Specifications of Noval Box Type Solar Cooker
Size of the cooker UV resistant molded fiberglass body 540x 200 mm.
Cooking Capacity 2 Kg. or 6-8 Kg per day
Total weight    Approx. Ten Kg including cooking pots.
Tray Material & coating Aluminum sheet, black painted of high absorption and low emission.
Cooking pots Aluminum, hard black coated cooking pots with lid.
Thermal performance  F1 >= 0.12, F2 > 0.4 [GRADE 'A' as per Indian Standard specifications

Specifications of Noval Hybrid Solar Cooker 
Size of the cooker UV resistant molded fiberglass body 540 x 540 x 200 mm.
Cooking Capacity 2 Kg. or 6-8 Kg per day
Total weight   Approx. Ten Kg including cooking pots.
Tray Material & coating Aluminum sheet, black painted of high heat absorption and low emission.
Cooking pots Stainless steel, hard black coated cooking pots with lid.
Energy source Solar + Low wattage power.
Power consumption Approximately 0.1 to 0.4 kWh. Depending on food quantity and ambient

Noval Solar Education Kit

Noval Educational Kit is designed to make the students to build their own Solar System models - for age 13+Yrs (High School and college Students). This is a good teaching aid suitable for younger children just starting to learn about solar energy. We manufacture and supply solar education kit, solar army search light, solar education equipment, solar army torch.

Noval  Educational Kit is designed to let you and your kids build your own solar system models. This kit comes complete with 6 pieces and detailed, step by step illustrated instruction booklet.

The following appliances are also supplied with the kit

•    Radio
•    Calculator
•    Music bell
•    Torch lamp
•    Alarm Clock
Key Features :

•    Simple to understand
•    Compact, Elegant and easy to operate
•    Best suited to school laboratories
•    Life line for school kids
•    Low maintenance & pollution free
•    Environment Friendly & pollution free
•    One year warranty of system
•    Appealing aesthetic of body
Noval Solar Education Kit

Technical Specifications

Application Training
Use Educational Purpose
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature -25°C to 85°C
SPV Wattage 1.5W @ STC
Max SPV Voltage (Vmp) 3.6V @ STC
Battery Voltage 2.4 V (nominal)
Battery type NiCad
Battery Capacity 0.5Ah (min) x 2
Eelctronic load voltage ~750mW
Case Black powder coated aluminium frame and black powder coated aluminium back plate
Connectors Ring Terminals (7071- rng terminal 4 No.s) Male plug (MX-21A on both side of 1 meter cable)
Size (Unpacked) (LxWxH) 320X240X38.5 mm
Weight (Unpacked) 2.0 Kg
Size (Educational Kit with accessories) 478 x 356 x 72
Weight (Shipping) 2.5 Kg