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Noval Solar Water Heater

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NOVAL ETC Domestic Solar Water Heater :

Noval Solar Introduces high efficient  Solar Water Heaters for Domestic & Industrial applications, which is as per International Standards and made of high density Borosilicate Tubes and coated (triple coating), which are vaccumised / air evacuated to prevent conduction and convection heat losses.

Noval Solar Water Heaters are renowned for their efficient and the most economical water heating. Easy to operate, safe & economical. Solar

Water heaters are suitable for domestic as well as commercial applications.

Solar water heaters are fully guaranteed for their performance. And almost maintenance free. In fact, a well-installed solar water heater will give you years of trouble free performance.


'Save energy and Save environment'' as the need of the hour,

We can help you improve your bottom-line by reducing your electricity bill. And save hundred/thousands of rupees in the long run. Don't miss this opportunity to save on your bills! Contact us today, while you're thinking about saving.


  • Almost minimum operational cost as solar radiation is available free of cost.
  • Solar energy is protected from inflation since it is free and everlasting.
  • Recovery on investment between 1.5 to 2.5 years depending upon application and capacity of the system.
  • Trouble free working with negligible repairs & maintenance cost.
  • Fully automatic operation and no day-to-day human attendance required.
  • Custom built design to meet specific quantitative & temperature requirements.
  • Clean energy without environment pollution.
  • Safer than any other heating source.
    Environmental Benefits
  • It protects the environment.
  • It uses clean, green and natural energy as fuel.
  • It is free from any pollutants, eco-friendly and does not emits toxic gases like CO2 & SO2.
  • It diverts unproductive energy to productive use. Environmental Benefits It protects the environment.
  • It uses clean, green and natural energy as fuel.
  • Clean energy without environment pollution.
  • Safer than any other heating source.

Solar Energy & Its Need

Sun is the only source of free & abundant energy for today, tomorrow & in future as it is everlasting. The sun energy is cleaning, uninterrupted & Pollution free. The conventional sources of energy like coal, diesel, and gas are depleting day by day because of limited availability of natural resources & deposits. Electricity is widely used at present. It is becoming costlier day by day. Hence alternate source of energy like solar energy needs to be explored and harnessed. Now the time has come not only to think of solar energy, but to implement it and get rid of future energy crises.

Salient Features

  • Easy to Install
  • Durable
  • Saves Energy
  • High Standards of quality
  • High operating efficiency


  • Accident Free
  • Suitable for heating fluids up to 85° C
  • The most luxurious way of getting hot water
  • Quick return on investment
  • 100% depreciation for commercial use
  • They are designed to suit hard water heating. There is no bonding of scales on smooth surface of glass tube.
  •  Cleaning of collector is very easy


Capacity Assessment Norms

Flats/ Apartments




30-40 Liters/Person


Bungalow / Luxury Flats




40-50 Liters/Person




A & B Grade
Star Category


100 -150 Liters/Room
150 -200 Liters/Room




Common Tap
Bathroom Connection


20-25 Liters/Person
30-35 Liters/Person




Common Tap
Special Room


20-25 Liters/Patient
30-35 Liters/Patient



Selection of suitable Solar Water Heating Systems

·         1. ETC based systems are 10 to 20% cheaper than FPC based system. They perform better in colder regions and avoid freezing problem during sub-zero temperature. FPC based systems also perform good with anti-freeze solution at sub zero temperature but their cost increases.

·         2. At places where water is hard and have larger chlorine content, FPC based system with heat exchanger must be installed as it will avoid scale deposition in copper tubes of solar collectors which can block the flow of water as well reduce its thermal performance. ETC based systems do not face such problem.

·         3. For a house with one bathroom and 2 to 3 members, 100 liter per day capacity system should be sufficient. For more numbers of bathrooms, the capacity will increase accordingly due to pipe losses & more number of family members. Generally the capacity is decided based on hot water required in mornings for bathing. If the usage is in evening & at other times also, the capacity is decided accordingly.

·         4. A 100 lpd capacity may cost Rs. 16,000 to Rs.22,000 depending on type & location. In hilly & N-E region the cost may be 15 to 20% more. The cost, however, does not increase linearly with increase in capacity, rather it comes down proportionately as we go for higher capacity system. The system cost does not include the cost of cold water tank, & its stand which is required if overhead tank is not installed in a house/ building. Cost of hot water insulated pipe line also, may be extra if number of bathrooms are more than one. Additional cost towards all these components may increase by 5 to 10%.

·         5. Avoid putting of electricity back up in storage tank of solar system. If you have electric geyser of say less then 10 lpd capacity or an instant geyser it would be better if you connect the outlet line of solar system with inlet of geyser & set thermostat at 40O. Your geyser will start only when you get water below 40O. from solar system and will switch off when temperature goes above say 42 or so. This will save lot of electricity & heat water according to your requirement. However, if you have storage geyser of high capacity, better to have a separate tap for solar system and use your electric geyser when you don’t get hot water for solar.





Is the product solar water heating systems time proven or just at experiment stage?

Thousands of systems are working all over India since a decade.


Shall we get a hot water early in the morning before sunshine?

Yes during daytime water is heated & it is stored in insulated storage tank all the night, so next day morning, you get a very good hot water.


Can we get a water temperature similar to electronic geyser?

In small capacity domestic solar water heating system during morning hours initial water temperature may range from 450C to 650C depending on season to season. As you go on drawing the hot water cold water enters in solar water heating system & the hot water temperature starts dropping down. Hence initially you may have to mix cold water to suit the temperature. Further for persons taking bath at last may not require any mixing of cold water & the water temperature coming out will suit bathing requirement. However on any clear day you you will get hot water quantity suitable to take bath approximately up to system’s capacity.


What happens during the rainy seasons when sun shine is not there?

Generally in Indian conditions except hilly regions we get very clear good shine almost all the year. Say for about 300 days. During these days there is no problem of hot water. Please note during winter it works very well moreover it is designed to give maximum efficiency during winter. However during rainy season whenever we get sun shine it starts heating water. Depending on sunshine hours, you can get the water temperature. It is generally observed that for about 17 to 30 days during the rainy seasons when there is full cloud cover with no sunshine at all it does not give hot water. But on partial sunny days it can give sufficiently hot water to cater the requirement.  

Rest of the year it works well for getting maximum out of solar water heating system please read our user manual thoroughly.


Can we get hot water all the twenty-four hours?


Yes! But limited to system capacity. Maximum quantity of hot water will be up to system rating. However if we draw hot water during evening or night hours cold water will enter in the solar water heating system & you will not get regular hot water temperature next day morning.

To get best results follow the using instructions given in our manual. 


What is the exact amount saved in electric bill by installing solar water heating system?

Electric units saved by using solar water heating systems of any rating can be calculated by saving chart. Referring to electric bill one can understand which tariff slab is applicable to users. Considering that rate per unit saving can be calculated. 

However this is approximate calculated. The sample calculation of saving in electricity bill for a general medium high-class family can be referred.

For a general family, not using air conditioner, the electric geyser consumes more than 50% of electricity in a house. Broadly saving can be judged accordingly.


What is the maintenance required for solar water heating systems?


For small capacity domestic solar water heating systems expects cleaning of glass once a week (for getting maximum output) no other maintenance is required. However it is recommended to clean the storage tank once a year.


What is the estimated life of a solar water heating system?


During first three years under guarantee period yearly maintenance will be provided by us free of cost. 

Further you may do its own with simple training. After five years or so some painting may be required to structural parts exposed to atmosphere. Some minor rubber parts may require the replacement.


What is the effect of cyclone or hail stoning?

The solar water heating system is provided with concrete support block & structure is designed to take care of any regular heavy winds with a speed up to 100 kms per hour.

Forever if there is extra ordinary cyclonic wind which damage even to other structures & trees in such rare cases there can be damage to solar water heating system?