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School crest

The School Crest, as above, depicts a Dove hovering overthe motto of the Schoolembedded within a pairof green palm fronds. The ‘Ts’ in the words of the mottoare done in crosses; there are three Perpetual Flames and the abbreviated name ofthe School, HOSCAPS, is set at the base. The Dove with the Flames represents theHoly Spirit of GOD, the Patron of the School and the divine Source of, and fromwhich HOSCAPS can achieve Holiness, Wisdom and Excellence. The meaning ofthe crest as per what the colours represent is given below.
White: Holiness, Purity, God (the Father)
Red: Wisdom. Blood (of Jesus), Fire (of Holy Spirit),Sacrifice, Salvation,
 Blue: Excellence, the World, Sea, Heaven, Sky, Mary
Green: Life, Growth, Development, Earth, Us (Humans), Victory
Yellow: Kingship, Leadership, the Power and Authority of a Ruler, lncorruptible, Desirable and Supreme Glory