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Teachingilearning programmes

Our teaching time table covers eight periods a day and each period has duration of 50or 60 minutes. The first period of 40 minutes (7:00 — 7:40 a.m.) is for Reading, duringwhich period the Upper Primary and Junior High students do reading and the LowerPrimary ones are taken through reading skills. Veracious reading forms a good andstrong basis for education, and in HOSCAPS we emphasize this. It is for the samereason that we utilize the first two weeks of every school term to teach reading skills inall the classes. In HOSCAPS, where the focus is on holistic education, we handlefifteen subjects namely:
1. English Language
2. Mathematics
3. Natural/ Integrated Science
4. Social Studies
5. Ghanaian Language~ Ewe
6.Information, Communication And Technology
7. Basic Design ad Technology
8. French
 9. Library (Reading)
10. Music &Dance
11. Physical Education
12. Citizenship Education
13. Religious & Moral Education
14. Creative Art
15. Catechism
We have fixed class teachers for the Pre-School and Lower Primary classes and dosubject teaching from Primary 4 to Junior High Form 3.  Even in the Lower PrimaryEnglish Language Mathematics, Science and French are taught by subject teachers.
The teaching of French and lCT is done from P1.