Welcome Message & Multiple Department Extensions

Greet your caller with a professionally recorded Welcome Message and then multiple department selection options. Multiple departments give a big company image, even if you have a smaller office.

Call Details in Call Management Software

Get real time call details of all the calls. Manage all your prospect, lead and client data at a single place and improve your business with various analytical reports. Call duration, call time, call recordings, follow-ups, lead management everything is managed in this great online multi user tool.

Call Forwarding

Connect multiple location, department, employees with a single number. Set forwarding numbers and engage your work force in the most efficient manner. Don't allow to waste even a single business lead by creating multiple call backup. If one employee is busy the call will automatically connect to next and next employee. Even if no on picks up the call you still have all the details in CRM.

Call Recording

Call recording is a useful feature for Quality Control, Consultants, On Phone Orders, Lawyers or any other contractual work for later reference. If your employees know that they are under check, you can imagine an immediate improvement and responsibility will be created in your organization.


Multiple level of notification is available. Notification can be sent through SMS, Email and call entries all always exist in CRM.