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MYL Website Builder Reseller FAQs
Have a question about our website builder? Find more information below before deciding if we are the right solution for you.

Website Builder Pricing ?

Q. How can i start my web designing company with Zero Investment?

A. Yes its Correct, Joining as a reseller is absolutely free for lifetime, Just click on Join now and start your own website designing company in minutes.

Q. What is the total cost of Creating a website is there any Hidden Charges?

A. The total cost of website builder for indian users is Rs 1500 + 12.36% Service Tax. = Rs 1685.40. If you already have a domain name you can use that for free otherwise if you want to buy a new domain name than it will cost you extra for domain name according to current domain name pricing.  The total cost of website builder for global users is $30 + Domain name charges only. 

Q. What is the renewal charges for Website Builder?

A. The renewal charges of website builder for indian users is only Rs 1000 + 12.36% Service Tax = Rs 1123.60 + Domain name Charges if applicable.  For Global users renewal charges are $20 + Domain name charges if applicable.  

Q. What fees can I charge from my customers?

A. You can charge a setup fee of any amount from your customers. However you can also offer a lower price package to some of your customer those who can create a website themselves with this website builder, its purely upto you how you want to promote this. You can set your own pricing to your customers and earn huge profits.

Q. Can i get a free trial on my website builder?

A. Yes you can create a website for 30 days free trial period and after that you can publish your customer's website whenever you want.

Q. Can I use my own billing software?

A. Yes you can use your own billing software and charge your customers in your way.

Regarding Website Builder ?

Q. How many templates are included in the website builder?

A. Over 100+ professionally designed templates are currently included, we do add more and more templates regularly.

Q. What is Website Builder?

A. Website Builder is the perfect tool for building an easy and affordable website. You can build a professional looking website with no prior experience using the Website Builder templates and content. Simply pick your favorite template, add your own details, and publish.

Q. Can I use my own templates?

A. Our website builder templates are made in such a way that you don't need to use any of your own template. You can modify any of the exsisting template in minutes and can make it in your own style. 

Q. How easy is it to use website builder?

A. We’ve made it really easy to set up your own website with just a few simple steps to follow. You’ll find easy to use design wizards, text editors and image features, so absolutely anyone comfortable with a mouse can produce a website as impressive as the leading brands

Q. How many pages can i add in website builder what is total hosting space?

A. You can add unlimited pages in website with total hosting space of 10 GB. 

Q. Can you provide domain registration tools?

A. Of course, we partner with Biggest domain registeration company to provide you with low cost domain registrations for your clients.

Q. What support do you provide?

A. We act as second line support to your customers. This means that in any instance your customer requires support they will contact you first. If you are unable to assist them you can contact us to assist you with their query. We are also your first line of support if you are having issues with the website builder, reseller admin or account creation.

Q. Why is MYL Website Builder different from other website builders?

A. Unlike some other website builders, we’ve made it extra easy to create a professional website with no design or technical experience needed. We offer over 100 customisable, industry specific website templates so that you can really make your site your own. If you need a guiding hand to get the right look, we offer a free design consultation to get you started. You’ll also get great functions including creation of Blogs, Real Estate module and the option to add a shopping cart to start selling online. Why not try it for free and see for yourself? We offer a free 30 day trial so you can set up your own customised website. We’ll remind you before the trial period ends and if you want to cancel it, you won’t be charged a thing.

Q. Is everything branded to my company/business?

A. Yes with MYL Private Label Website Builder Reseller Program you can create and establish your business under your own brand name and your customers can never discover us.

Q. Can i use my own server/hosting for this website builder tool?

A. No, you cannot host our website builder on any other server/hosting.

Q. What does Reseller Admin allow me to do?

A. Reseller admin allows you to create your websites, manage/add accounts, login to your clients accounts and control additional aspects of your accounts.

Q. Does MYL Website Builder work well with Search Engines?

A. Yes. MYL Website Builder comes packed with great search engine tools to help you promote your website to the world and improve your website’s ranking in search results. We’ll even give you a free guide on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) so you can make sure your website gets listed in all the top search engines including Google, MSN and Yahoo.