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About Us

The  G Force Driving School started  in 2013 and provides prospective drivers in the Lower Mainland with exceptional training at an affordable price. As one of the
best  driver training school  in  BC. The driving school  quickly  become  successful  through  dedication  to  safe  driving techniques  and the  Instructors have
over 25 experience in truck driving in Canada and USA . Every student is provided professional and affordable training by the driving school and they can  exceed
according to the  industry standards and student expectations.

Safety is a full-time job, don’t make it a part time practice. So, G Force Driving School  provides   customizable packages and the most reasonable rates . As one of
the best driver training schools in BC, it provides the training of both Truck training and Car training .  We will adjust the amount of training hour s according to your
individual needs. All students must have the fundamental skills to pass an ICBC road test, and we will ensure that you’re equipped with those