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Punjabi Traditional

Giddha and Bhangra Dancers are a traditional Punjabi dance group dancing to traditional Punjabi Boliyan popular for Jaggo Nights, Wedding Receptions, Ladies Sangeets, Mehndi Nights and Lohri Parties.

Westren dance

Dance, along with music, has always dynamically expressed the spirit and personality of every culture. Modern western dance is part of this global language and its roots run wide and deep.

lighting effects

We include 8 separate club lighting effects which help to create an awesome atmosphere for dancing, whether slow and romantic for your bridal waltz, or fast and upbeat for a fun dance.We have LARGEST LIGHTING SET-UPS

Welcome To rock entertainers

Rock Entertainers Service is a Ludhiana based DJ Service and has been operating since 1990,    with professional and friendly staff hand picked to ensure that we will not only meet your expectations, we will exceed them.Rock Entertainers Service can provide DJ’s across all India inner and outer suburbs, and regional Victoria.Here are some reasons why Rock Entertainers Service Excels.

We are Wedding Special DJ's who are skilled professionals, who traditionally provide entertainment through music at your wedding reception. Our goal is to provide the highest quality disc jockey (DJ) entertainment service anywhere. Great service does not just begin when your guests arrive or after we have filled the dance floor

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